SEO problem

I have a problem with SEO entries in Google, I only encounter this problem using BeTheme.

BeTheme + WPML + Yaost SEO, all subpage titles are created according to the rules:

Home page: Page name | Separator | Page description
Subpages: Page title | Separator | Name of the page

Everything looks fine in the browser window, the titles, the descriptions match and here it is ok, unfortunately there is a problem with each language version other than the basic one, there are other meta title structures in Google, ie the home page is Page description | Separator (other than it should be) | Name of the page.

This problem has never happened with a different theme and language side, I don't know where it comes from and how to solve the problem.

Enter the source of the page, the meta title names are correct, they appear incorrect on Google. Everything is updated by Google Search Console, unfortunately it doesn't change anything.


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    Briefly, I have a home page in a language version other than the main one, eg EN

    Her correct meta title is:
    Company name | Company description

    Google shows:
    Company description - Comany name

    In the code of the website there is:
    Company name | Company description

    Entries updated, no Google Search Console errors and with XML map. The problem occurs when I use BeTheme.

    I don't know if the motive influences it and what I am saying is what happens to me using BeTheme.
  • Hello,
    Can you send us a link to your website?
    Also, are you sure that your WP, BeTheme and Yoast is up to date?

    We suggest, to take a look at this topic too:
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