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Youtube Hero Video not playing - getting blank white screen instead of the video

Revolution Slider Youtube hero video is no longer playing. We have a full purchase of the plugin (not just the bundled version from the theme) and are using Version 21.8.1 for Betheme. The slider does not play on the header for the page, or as an item in Muffin Builder. No matter where the slider is displayed on the site, it is a large white space instead of the video. Youtube video link is functional (have tested this and confirmed Youtube settings).


  • Hello,
    1) Please disable all of the plugins(leave the Revolution Slider turned on only), clear the cache of the browser and check, if the issue still exists.

    2) Be sure, that you provided the ID of the video only, as mentioned in the documentation:

    3) Is your Revolution Slider up to date?
  • 1) no difference
    2) correct. used only the video id
    3) both betheme and revolution slider are the most current versions
  • Ok. Because you faced with such a weird issue, which we believe has nothing to with the Betheme itself, we recommend to do the following:

    1. Please go to your FTP account where theme is, remove whole theme folder and then upload the latest version thru FTP as well. Please make sure that all the files were copied correctly.

    2. Remove all 3rd party plugins (including cache of course).

    3. Make sure, there is no additional cache stuff on server side.

    Hope above steps would help you a lot.
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bedava hesaplar nulled scripts mod apk indir youtube mp3 dönüştürücü