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Navigation Menu Background Color Changes On Mobile Devices

I have changed the navigation menu background color to black via the theme options panel. On a device with a width smaller than 768px the menu background changes to white. How can I fix this?


Thank you.


  • This is how we did it exactly because we noticed that light colors are much better on smaller devices and users prefer them much more. That`s why on smaller devices we go back to light colors inside menu. But if you really don`t like it and want to change, then you need to send us access to your FTP and wp dashboard and this change must be done on your side. But you need to know about those changes before theme update in the future because you will lose it. So probably you need to keep modified files somewhere on your side.

    Thanks for understanding! :)
  • Just wondering if you guys had a chance to look at this issue? I can make the change, I was just wondering what elements you recommend I target with CSS to accomplish this. Thanks again.
  • Of course we can have a look on it but please send us url to your website. To be sure... you have black menu background on regular screen and want to have the same black on mobile, right?
  • Yes, but I have since fixed this. Thank you anyway.
  • Ok then :) Thanks for the information. We're glad you did it already.
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