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Icon Box link issue

edited May 2015 in BeBuilder
I'm creating a two-column layout with an icon box followed by some html text. If I use separate Icon boxes and visual editor boxes in each column, the flow gets wrong if I downsize the window width: The responsive flow makes the two icons appear first, then the two different visual editor contents after that.

So, I entered the desired text in the text field in Icon Box, but then I have two issues:
1. Since I add a link URL to the Icon, the entire body text becomes a link.
2. It seems a bit tricky to left adjust the text (I tried add p style=..., but it didn't do the trick)

flips 8-)


  • Hi,

    this is how responsive works. Responsive always read items in rows from left to right. So if in first row you got 2 icons and in second row you got text, 2 icons will show first on mobile and then text.

    1. Link for Icon box item concerns whole box, not just part and this can not be changed unfortunately.

    2. Please send us url to page where you want to align text to left inside icon box and we'll try to help.

  • Yes, I understand why it flows that way. Is there a container entity or something I could use to bundle together two or more items in a column? (I've used something called Aqua Page Builder previously, and there you drag items onto a column container.)

    1. Ok
    2. PM'ed ... :-)
  • You can use items as text shortcodes and this should help you.
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