Sidebars dissappeared after theme update

I too have a bit of a similar problem than Sidebars are not shown in Appearance / Widgets
that occurred today after updating Betheme.

I have used Betheme as the basis but then used the built-in-theme sidebar options to create a side menu for the pages. On the left i also had different sidebars for each page. I started to be happy with what i have done, but today after the them update all sidebars AND THE CONTENT are lost! :( This is frustrating since I have in css done a lot of changes. The css of course isn't lost, but if all content is, then i have to find the right "aside#text-10" places in the code, which is extra work. Also if the html etc. inserted in the sidebars is lost, that's not good

And it's also a big deal in the sense that can i trust the theme to work in the future????

The page I'm working on is

Here's how one page looked before sidebars went missing (text in the middle still draft but sidebars ok):
Link to same page online:

On other sites I've built I've been happy with Betheme so really hoping this is a solvable and not a recurrent problem!


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