The page Title is not changing

I have an issue with my page title. For the name it's shows like the one from the screenshot below.
I have tried to include and exclude Yoast SEO plugin for help. I have deleted it... but no success.
What went wrong?
Please help!



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    Can you explain me greater what is your issue?
    Where did you change the title of your page?

    Aslo, please, send me a link to your website, so I could take a look at it, and check what might be a reason.

  • Hi Phil,
    Thank you for this fast reply.
    My website is:
    Basically while the page is loading, the page title is correct as set in the WP general setting. After the page is loaded, the title is changing from " - The Proper Digital Marketing Strategy for Your Business" to "Homepage Title". I don't know what could be a reason.

  • Please, turn off all of the plugins, refresh your cache and check if the issue still appears.

  • Yes, you are right. Some of the plugin or plugins cause this mess.
    I will check which one(s) and let you know.
    Maybe it would be helpful for users with the same issues.
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    For my combination of settings, theme and plugins that currently I have installed, the following plugins cause the issue I have mentioned

    1. GDPR Cookie Compliance (CCPA, PIPEDA ready)
    2. Google Tag Manager for Wordpress
    3. WP Rocket

    I hope this helps.

  • Hi Phil,
    I just checked.
    This doesn't work.
    It's something else...
    Any plugin that uses the header (GTM, GA ...FB pixel...) will cause this issue.
    I have tried to remove all of them (plugins) and to put tracking codes manually through the Theme editor in the 'header.php' file and got the same issue.
    Basically, if I put any code in the header it will make the site title to be "Homepage title"

    Any thoughts?
  • Hey,
    Please send us WordPress dashboard access privately thru the contact form which is on the right side at and we will check what might be the reason.
    Please attach a link to this forum discussion.

  • Hi Phil,
    Thank you for this message.
    I have already made some testing and when chose for example a Be SEO 3 theme all looks great and no conflicts at all. I will probably go with this option and build pages again.
    I have a question. Is there possible to get/download PSD/EPS files of graphic that comes with this theme (Be SEO 3) as I would like to change the color of graphic to make it green instead of purple?
  • Please send this information privately thru the contact form which is on the right side at

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