Nothing seems to work....can't save any changes or update theme or plugins.

Hey guys, 

I need help with the BeTheme.

 I created my clients' new site on staging, and everything was fine. Then when I pointed the site to the live url (, the site is showing, but nothing seems to be working in the backend...can't make changes.

- I can't make any changes on the site (using WP Bakery). It never finishes 'updating'.

- There are various plugins that need updating. I go through the process, and they seem to update. But then once I click to another page, and hover over 'updates', it shows that they haven't been updated. 

- I tried updating the theme to 21.9.4.....again, nothing.

- I tried to deregister the theme, in hopes to re-register it....again, nothing. It just sends me to a page that says the link has expired. 

Basically, I can't do anything to the backend. Completely locked out of making any changes, or saving or updating anything.

I'm not a developer, just a novice trying to make client changes. I have some experience with WP backends, but never experienced anything like this before.

Please help - thanks,

Anthony G 

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