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Anchor link to another page-section jumps to top instead


I have tried almost everything now, and I'm getting pretty desperate.

Whenever I create an anchor link, linking to another page section's ID, within the same domain, it show the section for a glimpse of a second and then jumps to the top - not scrolling, but jumping.

whether its an a-tag or within a button, it does the same thing.

I have tried giving the ID to h-tags, p-tags and even span and divs within the section I try to link to. I suppose it should work by giving the ID to the section within the muffinbuilder frame, but that doesn't work either.

And I have enabled the "onepage" function in the muffinbuilder options - no use.

I have also tried to give the links going out the class of scroll - no use.

Do you have an idea without searching through the website? (It's not online yet, because I'm still working on it)

Best regards, Peter Rosendahl

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