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MemberPress incompatibility with Muffin builder

Hi there.

I am using memberpress pluging with Betheme in this website

I want to add the Memberpress payment gateways for subscriptions using Muffin builder but it doesn't work at the time of purchase. I click the button sign up and does nothing.

I desactived all the plugings and theme and it works. Also If I add the member shortcode for payments in the wordpress builder (at the top) not on Muffin, it works too.

Here it's a link with a payment example:

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Could you help with it?

Thanks in advance.


  • Hello, I would like to use Memberpress on a Betheme wp website. As you did it, you may tell me if it is working fine or if there are a lot of problems to solve.

    Thanks for your advice


  • Hi,

    Sorry, but we did not test this plugin with the theme. Our policy states that we do not support third-party plugins or custom code, so, unfortunately, we cannot be of any help to you.

    Also, we cannot recommend any plugins other than the ones we support. You can find the list on this page, in the sidebar:

    You will have to test this plugin on your own, but I cannot guarantee that it will work with our theme.


  • Hi, @support_dynamicmarketing

    We are using BeTheme and Memberpress, the problem is that the Memberpress shortcodes for payments don't work on Muffin builder, so we are adding these shortcodes in the Wordpress editor. The rest work.

  • Merci @Danimaruja ! would you mind to give the URL of your website so I can have a look ?

  • I am having the same problem. A few of the MemberPress functions simply don't work within muffinbuilder, but they work fine from the default editor on pages/posts with BeTheme active.

    It seems to be a jquery issue with a number of fields e.g. international phone field, credit card field via Stripe.

    We operate a number of e-learning/membership websites and MemberPress is the most robust and flexible membership plugin.

    This will force us over to Avada or another major theme where compatibility is not an issue.

  • Hello @TOTLD,

    Sorry, but as I said in my previous message in this discussion, we do not support this plugin.

    We did not test it, and we did not prepare compatibility with it, so, unfortunately, I cannot help you with your issue.

    If you would like that our theme to support this plugin, please, let us know about that on the following topic:

    Best regards

  • Hello -

    I see above about you not supporting MemberPress. We have several sites using MemberPress. We also have sites using aMember which is another leading membership solution.

    On both, with the BeTheme builder, member-only content is not getting protected. It looks like your hook for the beginning of content isn't done correctly. Or perhaps the recent before_content hook isn't used, or not used correctly. So, the unauthorized message is placing itself AFTER what should be protected content when using the BeTheme builder. If I make a page using the regular WordPress page editor, then the unauthorized message places itself where it should be, and blocks the content correctly.

    It seems to me that this isn't a case of not supporting the leading membership plugins. It seems that you aren't using hooks correctly, and that is a theme issue. 😊

    Please advise.

  • Hello @ljezard,

    Thanks for the informations, we'll surely take it into consideration, but right now, we do not have plans about preparing the theme for a memberpress plugin, for now we must end what we are currently working about.

    We really appriciate what you discovered and preparing solution, but to attach that, we have to test a lot of other things like behave of that plugin, items, layouts etc.

    For now, that plugin is still not supported by us, if you want to fix it by yourself, consider using the child theme.

    Best Regards

  • Oh, we'll have to fix it ourselves. I still consider it a theme deficiency, though...

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