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MOBILE - menu title opens submenu

Goodmorning I'm having this issue with my mobile menu on

What I have right now is a main menu item "CORSI" (it's a custom link with # that doesn't open any page) with some submenus "CORSI GRAFICA" - "CORSI PROGRAMMAZIONE" etc.

When I'm on mobile, the only way to open the submenu accordion is by clicking the + icon.

I would like to make the main menu item "CORSI" clickable, and by clicking it, it should open the accordion (the same behavior of the + icon).

Is it that possibile? can I insert some code in my menu item custom link to make this work?

By the way, I have two different menu on desktop and mobile, so If I have to put some code to make this work, it won't change my desktop behavior, which is great.

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