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Trailer box loads image to page before the animation happens. And a Portfolio question


I have an issue with the animation of a .png image in a trailer box I have on my homepage, which I am rebuilding. I have tried to use a column instead of the trailer box and the same issue occurs. I also tried different animations, and it's the same result.

This is the sequence of events I am seeing:

  1. Load Page - 2. Section Background image appears - 3. Overlaid trailer box image appears for 0.25 seconds in the final position - 4. trailer box disappears - 5. trailer box zooms in and settles in the final position.

Step 3 shouldn't happen.

I have cleared the browser cache and tried in different browsers, but the issue remains. Do you have a solution for this please.

Also, In the Snapshot prebuilt site,

In the portfolio previews, there is a hover effect that reveals "Read More" in a circle. Where is that edited please?

Thank you

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