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Speed - Google Light house - Gtmetrix


Your theme , Only the theme with no plugin installed is slow and your logic and reasoning is those tools regulation are ridiculous,

On the other hand I saw the ASTRA theme and Ocean WP or Generate Press Premium and I was test them in those ridiculous tools and they pass the exam.

Now would you optimize the theme and speed up your product ?

I love you theme and company but it seems you don't care about us.


  • Hi,

    Sorry, but these tools are made for static html pages, not for these which are made with wordpress.

    Of course, some of them could pass them, but they surely are not that big as BeTheme, some of the rules must be broke because of that.

    We already upgraded our theme to be better for these tools, but for now, we cannot do anything, our hands are tied, because if we'll completely change the HTML structure of our theme, then thousands of websites which are powered by Betheme could broke - you have to understand that.


  • Hi

    This meted is for users bye google means depends on servers and location and your site speed and you have not plan to optimize that

    The SEO is important to me and I couldn't solve the problem of your theme but changing with ASTRA free theme , was solved my problem , which means you are developers' of betheme and must care about.

    Your hand are tied is an excuse not an Answer !

    Now what should I do to fix my speed ?

  • It's true that loading speed depends a lot of server parameters and location of that server, so it's not fully depending on our theme.

    You cannot compare these two themes, they are completely different - our theme is much bigger and a lot older than Astra theme.

    We want to make our theme more modern, that's why we are creating new muffin builder (as you already know) with better SEO, loading time (which is really good atm, you can check that on our demo pages) and much more creative tools.

    If you will follow our steps mentioned in topic below, your website should load faster:


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    This is very small guide to optimizing the website

    I need more , you using jQuery and I think its better to change that with new version or using another technology, lots of css , google fonts (I disabled them but those tools have warning for that) and so...

    Also I asked you many time that describe the new muffing builder but you didn't due to your policy .

    I need to know will you add option for disabling many part of theme if we don't need that or not? (Woodmart theme have that to disable many css)

    Also you stop updating the theme from Version 21.9.7 - January 11, 2021 , means 2week no update . and didn't Mack good document or video for Static CSS Static CSS file generation. And I tested many time , Is that work with wp-rocket or litespeed cash ?

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    1) Why using jQuery is bad, when whole wordpress is based on jquery?

    Also, recently we updated the jQuery version to 3, the whole wordpress core was updated to new version.

    2) New Muffin Builder will be released, but we cannot exactly tell when, it's really huge coding project and it require a lot of elements to implement and to test it, to provide bugless and the most polished product.

    3) About disabling parts of the theme, as you probably know, you can disable some of them in Theme Options -> Global -> Advanced

    4) We do not have any plans to extend it, but if you have any suggestions, which features should be able to disable in our theme, please provide it in this topic:

    5) The Static CSS is just one-click functionality, so it does not require any video tutorial, see here:

    6) We make less updates now, because our target is to finish new muffin builder, but don't worry - updates will be released, to release new pre-built websites and make some fixes to bugs or to extend some functionalities. (One of the updates will be released today)

    Best Regards

  • Hi

    These are very nice:

    CSS - Option to use minified theme CSS files

    JS - Option to use minified theme JS files

    Option to move all theme CSS files to footer

    • But I have question about expiration dates for assets : Performance - Cache assets - Set expiration dates for assets according to PageSpeed Insights guidelines

    I couldn't seen any box for time or choosing when assets will expire... SO how does it work?

  • Images, Videos, and Fonts have an expiration date set to one year.

    CSS & JS expire after 6 months.

    You can find it in the file /functions/admin/class-mfn-helper.php.


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bedava hesaplar nulled scripts mod apk indir youtube mp3 dönüştürücü