Upselling products not lining

I have an issue with the upselling products in Woocommerce, they are not lining,

I have sent the url of the website through Codecanyon dm, referring to this thread.


  • Hello,

    Can you describe your issue greater, please?

    It would be great if you attach a screenshot showing what is wrong.


  • I have sent a dm through codecanyon, did you see that?

  • Yes, I got the message, but I do not know what exactly is wrong.

    That is why I asked you to describe it to me greater because I am not sure which part is broken.


  • Oh sorry for misunderstanding, I have added two screendumps of how the upselling products are shown when there are more than 3 or 6 - random examples, sometimes the filling is different. Do you see what I mean?

  • Please, turn off all of the plugins except basic WooCommerce, refresh your cache, and check if this issue still appears.

    Also, if you are using Child Theme, please, switch to Parent theme, and check if it works well then.


  • Hi there,

    I have tried all that but not without solving the issue.

    When I have only woorcommerce activated and reload the page several time, you ca see the order in which the upselling products are shown is different each reload.

    But I now suspect I know what is causing it; one of the upselling products' its name is longer than all other upselling products; the longer name reflects in more text lines which makes the wrapper higher and causing the filling issue.

    Can that be solved somehow?

    See screendump

  • Please, send us WordPress dashboard access privately thru the contact form which is on the right side at and we will check what might be the reason.


    Please attach a link to this forum discussion.


  • Hi there,

    I've sent the requested access through codecanyon.

    This issue has to do with the lenght of the product names, I tested it with a smalller font and that results in solving it but it is not a solution because the titles are then too small.

  • Hello,

    I was on your website but I couldn't find behavior like that, can you send us a link, where this issue appear?


  • I have sent two example URL's through Codecanyon DM.

  • edited February 2021

    Sorry, but it won't be able to change through the theme options - this is how the hoverbox is made by basic, to not to extend other boxes while text is longer in one of them.

    The only way to made it look like you want will be by theme files customization, which sadly, we do not help with, we only help with explaining how the theme works, fixing bugs and minor css tweaks.

    You should contact the webdeveloper, and after few tweaks (or by using JS script), he should be able to limit that text, so it will remain single, two or more lines of text, or simply made all box the same height (by checking, which one is the biggest).


  • I understand, thanks for explaining.

    I will try to find another solution through js or something like that, thanks for suggesting.

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