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I can't upload a simple GIF much less insert an iframe through the page builder ...

I am having some difficulties in uploading a simple GIF using thema builder from thema Betheme, when updating the page the GIF that should be animated, is like a static image.

In addition, I tried to use the page builder code block and insert an iframe, where there is also no animation that I would like to have on the site.

Taking advantage, I would like to know how I can insert a json file on a certain page of my website? This json file refers to an isometric type animation where you can usually find it on some sites, but I can't find an easy way to make this application using the page builder or another tool that thema Betheme offers. Could you help me, please??

Follow the links to take a look !!

PRINT iframe:

PRINT pagebuilder:

PRINT código block :

Reference site for animation, gif and json files:

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