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Rebuild page that was converted to html code


I have a website that I built, but it is being managed by my client. One of the pages contains about 30 icon boxes. It looks like the page was converted to html code by clicking the Builder>>SEO button. However, then the page builder content was deleted. So there are no longer any sections or items on the page. Just the html code that is left from converting to the SEO content.

Is there an easy way to convert that html content back into muffin builder page content? I really don't want to have to recreate all of those icon boxes with all of their content links and images.

Here's an example of the html content.


[icon_box title="September 2020 - Financial Update" icon="" image="" icon_position="top" border="0" link="" noopener noreferrer" target="_blank" class="" animate=""][/icon_box]


I removed the actual pdf link because it contains sensitive info.

I thought about using a site backup, but I honestly don't even know how far back to go to get a page that is correct.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.


  • Hello,

    You can try to copy the whole content, and paste it to the column item.

    But if this will not help, I am afraid that you will have to recreate your page from the beginning.

    Best regards

  • OK. Thank you. That won't really help me, because I need for the client to be able to create new icon boxes for each new entry. So pasting all of the content into a column doesn't really re-create the page.

    I'll try using a backup before I attempt to rebuild the entire page.

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