Unwanted changes to headers

Hello! Last year I created the site www.rotarybelvoirwodonga.org.au and got everything working the way I wanted it. For several months I didn't change it, and didn't even look at it. Today I looked at it again, and saw that things had changed for the worse, without me doing anything.

In particular:

  1. the main menu used to be at the top-right of the header, but is now in the top-centre (although pull-downs still appear on the right), and
  2. the image that used to appear as background to the header is no longer visible.
  3. There is also a new bar, just below the header, which identifies the page and its place in the menu hierarchy. I do not want this.

Note that these issues affect every page on the site.

Today I updated all my plugins, but that made no difference.

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