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About pagination in Blog Page


I would like to knon if the number of pagination in blog page is a default setting or if I can set up it.

I mean, I would like, for instance, to display at the bottom just the buttons for every page ten by ten. At this moment, I don't know how many buttons are going to be displayed before displaying the buttons "First" and "Last"

Hope I have explained myself, my English is not very good

Thank you



  • Hello,

    Sorry, but unfortunately, there is no setting to modify the pagination.

    The only option to change it is to modify the theme files, but we do not provide help with file customization.

    Best regards

  • Ok, thank you so much.

    Anyway, just would like to know how many buttons (1, 2, 3, 4....) it is going to show before displaying the buttons "First" and "Last" to navigate

    Thank you

  • The buttons named "First" and "Last" will not appear because there is no such functionality.

    There will be only buttons "1" with the first page with posts and the last page's number with posts, for example, "21".


  • Ok, that's fine for me, thank you for your explanation!!

  • Hi again

    I would like to know, if possible, how many buttons (1, 2, 3, 4...) are going to be displayed in blog section before it displays only the first and the last number with the ellipsis sign in the middle. I mean, now I get two files of number of pages (till 25 buttons) and it seems as if to continue indefinitely. Is there in Theme Options a way of configure the number of buttons to display in blog?


  • Hello,

    Please, go to Betheme -> Theme options -> Blog & Portfolio -> General, and swtich the Pagination type to Shortened list.


  • Fine, done!!

    Thanks for your help!!

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