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Empty Portfolio Category Question

Hello, I have categories setup for my portfolio items. Some of these might be empty at different times, but I don't want to remove them from my menu. I'd like to figure out why the title of the page changes from the category name, to "All Experts" (the name of my portfolio page). And I'd also like to find a way to add a custom message if the category is empty.

For instance, the "Appliances" category is empty. But instead of the title being shown, it reverts to "All Experts". So, I'd of course like the title of the page to remain the same as the category. I'm certain this is something that BeTheme has enacted, because an empty post category doesn't do the same thing. For example: I set up a post category (, and the title of the page remains the same.

Also, if possible, I'd like to add a custom notice to the category if it is empty so visitors know there's nothing in the category.

Here is my working website:

Thank you for your support and help!

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