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Headers in betheme event 4 theme don't seem to match betheme SEO recommendation

Betheme has a number of recommendations for SEO optimization:

However, I'm a bit confused because these recommendation don't seem to be followed in the Betheme I chose (Event 4). Am I missing something?

For instance:

  • Betheme recommendation:

"Search engines, like Google, take preference to pages that use H1 and H2 tags properly and consistently throughout your content. Failure to use H1 tags can even result in penalties which reduce the overall search engine rank. To avoid this issue, you’ll need the ability to customize your headers quickly and effectively."

An information page betheme links to ( also recommends following the correct order for header tags (H1, then H2, and so on).

  • Observation:

There is no H1 tag anywhere in the theme's customizable content, and the order of other tags, such as h6 and h3, is often reversed.

Does this mean I have change all headers inside content, and their respective settings in muffin builder (in order to keep the same size hierarchy) to match SEO recommendation?

Also, If I am to change all the headers, how does this work with a single page theme like event 4? Should I put a single H1 header on top, or is it already there but I just cannot see it (and If so where can I find it?)

Thank you in advance for your help!

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