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Hi everyone,

I'm pretty new to WordPress, actually I was helped to build a first draft version of a site by a professional, and now I'm going on by myself.

My question ist: I have noticed there is a "" switch in BeTheme (I'm using the theme "coaching2").

But I do not understand where can I add / edit all the properties, for example Postal Address, Opening hours and so on.

I have also the Yoast SEO Plugin installed, it also has some options, but I do not find either where are all the detailed rich data typed in. By the way, they are there, because the Google Test Page for rich results does show them.

Is there an hidden option in the theme, where I can input these fields? I do not want to edit the theme files, even if the professional that prepared the first version of the theme rightly defined a child theme. But I believe there should be a better, easy way. The plugins that I have installed are the following:

The website I am speaking of is

Thanks a lot for any suggestion for a newbie!?

Best regards



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