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Coloring main menu. Buttons, fonts, links and more...


Here's main menu.

And here's the task.

Each of 5 menu buttons is expected to be of it's own color.

Say, menu button A has to be grey when waiting (font-color:black), black on hover (font-color:white) and black on-click (font-color:white). And I'd like it to stay black if a visitor is on this page (it's Main page).

Menu button C is to be grey when waiting (font-color:black), red on hover (font-color:white) and stay red (font-color:white) if a visitor has chosen a category/page. I've tried to make it red but it just blinkes red and then turns grey back.

There are several categories on menu button C. If inactive the background is white, font's black and it's OK. On hover I'd like the backgroung to stay white and the links (fonts) to become red. When a visitor clicks on a link and goes to a page the Menu button C stays red.

All this wouldn't be a problem if I needed one color to apply. But I've got 4 colors.

If you help me with menu buttons A and C I'll deal with the other 3.

Thank you

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