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Poor performance number of Google PageSpeed Insight for the mobile version

Hi everyone,

I hope my question is not a dummy one, since I am pretty new to Wordpress and Themes.

I am surprised by the very low mobile performance of

my simple website, based on the BeTheme Coaching2 Theme. I have read your guidelines and also know that usually the mobile performance is lower than the desktop one. I also read in an article that you linked

here that BeTheme is one of the fastest themes in the WordPress ThemeForest.

Nevertheless I would like to ask how can it be, I have a really simple home page, even simpler than the default page of the theme. And Google advices to eliminate "unused" JS scripts (sorry, I have the german version of the page, but I believe it should be readable also to english readers).

In the following images I document the results:



The google recommended actions for mobile:

At first I read "autoptimize" and I thought the Autoptimze-Plugin is the culprit ?. But their support explained me that the plugin simply reassemblies the existing scripts, so the "unused script" has to come from the page.

I would appreciate your insights on this subject. Is maybe the Revolution-Slider causing the problem?

The Plugins that I have installed are:

Thanks a lot for any hint, have a nice day

best regards


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bedava hesaplar nulled scripts mod apk indir youtube mp3 dönüştürücü