Poor performance number of Google PageSpeed Insight for the mobile version

Hi everyone,

I hope my question is not a dummy one, since I am pretty new to Wordpress and Themes.

I am surprised by the very low mobile performance of

my simple website, based on the BeTheme Coaching2 Theme. I have read your guidelines and also know that usually the mobile performance is lower than the desktop one. I also read in an article that you linked

here that BeTheme is one of the fastest themes in the WordPress ThemeForest.

Nevertheless I would like to ask how can it be, I have a really simple home page, even simpler than the default page of the theme. And Google advices to eliminate "unused" JS scripts (sorry, I have the german version of the page, but I believe it should be readable also to english readers).

In the following images I document the results:



The google recommended actions for mobile:

At first I read "autoptimize" and I thought the Autoptimze-Plugin is the culprit ?. But their support explained me that the plugin simply reassemblies the existing scripts, so the "unused script" has to come from the page.

I would appreciate your insights on this subject. Is maybe the Revolution-Slider causing the problem?

The Plugins that I have installed are:

Thanks a lot for any hint, have a nice day

best regards



  • Hi,

    Any WordPress theme can not be fully prepared according to Google PageSpeed Insights and tools similar to it because their guidelines are ridiculous.

    Mainly plain HTML pages are suitable for these guidelines.


  • Ok Pablo, sorry, somehow I did not receive your answer in my E-Mail. So I read it only now.

    Well, thanks a lot for the interesting perspective. In the meantime I was participating in a WP-Meetup about the new Web Vitals of Google, and the other participants there reacted to my same question above saying "get rid of Slider Revolution!". Apparently there are "lightweight" themes that respond well enough, I guess they are "mainly plain HTML page" as you said.

    Well for me, the Theme needs the Slider Revolution Home Page, so I will certainly keep it. My question was more in the direction if there is something I can change in the settings, to optimise page load. For example what would be this "unused Java Script"?

    I would not dismiss completely the web vitals, because google is going to use them (if I understand correctly) also for prioritising the search results. For this reason I asked.

    thanks again & regards


  • Hi,

    The only things we can recommend to improve the speed of your website are listed under the following link:


    After following tips from there, your website will surely speed up.

    Best regards

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