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Custom Layouts & Custom Menus for Posts - Why Not Available?

Hi, I see in the Betheme Settings that you are able to apply a custom layout and a custom menu to all single post items. Why aren't these options available on the post itself in the "Post Options" panel when editing?

I have a client who wants to show a specific header and footer for posts that fall in a specific post category. I have been able to show the header by adding custom code, but this seems like a lot of steps. Is there maybe an option somewhere I need to enable that I'm not seeing?

I also want to recommend adding these two options to posts, if they're not already available.

Also, for "Layouts" I'm able to change the header but not the footer. - I know some people might think: Why not just build a new website at that point? Well, we don't have the manpower to manage two websites and many pages and files intertwine between the two entities.

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