Change Hyperlink Color in Footer

I want to change hyperlink in Footer part. the text color is #c7c7c7; but when I have attach a link to it, the color change to #58d8d0; but I want to the color dose's change and stay unchanged.



  • Hello,

    Please, try to use the following CSS code:

    #Footer a{
     color: #bfbebd!important;


  • Sorry a new question

    If want to change header (h4) of footer 1 but not footer 2 or other, How can it is possible?

    i try

    1. #Footer a{
    2.  color: #bfbebd!important;
    3. }

    but it change all footer 1 to 5. I want just header color of footer 1 and footer 3 not others.

  • If you are using a <h4> tag in the Custom HTML widget, you can use inline CSS to change the color of it.

    Check the following screenshot for better understanding.


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