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All page content lost when saving changes

Major problem encountered during a routine content update (changing a single word in a 9000 word page).

Upon publishing changes, the entire content of the page vanished, both on the live HTML and in the WP / Muffin Builder backend.

All the page content (and over two days of staff time) was removed from the database, leaving my client with a blank page on launch day.

This also removed the translated version of the page (WPML) - even though the translation had not been edited.

Eventually, I managed to restore a backup from out web host, but not before extreme negative reactions from the client.

What could have caused something so catastrophic? I tried changing the theme, disabling all plugins etc - but after combing the database it was clear that there was simply no content there any more - it wasn't just 'invisible' because of a plugin conflict - it had been deleted by Muffin Builder.

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