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Reducing theme file sizes and reduce bloat to speed up load times


I have been using BeTheme for around 4 years now for my company website With the recent changes to requirements from Google that are focussed on page speed, BeTheme is now seemingly quite bloated and causing the website to load slow.

Having looked into the scripts loading on the site, BeTheme has a number of large files that are seemingly filled with code that is unused by the website itself.

For example,. the following file is ~200kb:


Inside the file there is a lot of functionality that the website is not making use of:

'sticky sidebar', 'waypoints', 'slider', 'nice scroll', 'magnific popup', unsure about 'isotope', 'before after twenty twenty' is not used I dont think, 'chart'.

Other files such as the following are seemingly very heavy file sizes amounting to 100kb/s per page:





Is there an option to deactivate/remove/strip out the unnecessary code that is part of this theme to make it load faster? I do not want to have to try to migrate to a lighter theme as the website is set up nicely.

I think it would be a risk to create a child theme and strip out the code there as any theme update wouldn't be captured and it would become complicated.

Thank you.

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