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I am using betheme (current setting and prebuild website, moving) for 4 years. and I tired of it. It very boring to me. Every day I must look at fixed design and colors. so I want to change design of current pre-built to new one.

My traffic 100% depend on SEO and Google traffic and I afraid any change to theme hurt my SEO.

There is any way to change theme (design, colors, layout, prebuilt) to new one without any major change ? any "minor" change that refresh my site design and colors?



  • Hello,

    Sorry, but I quite do not understand, and I do not want to misunderstand you.

    You want to change the whole theme or just the display of your website to some pre-built website?

    Best regards

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    I want to refresh site but not hurting SEO.

    I want to change something like color. or to new prebuilt website very similar to exiting one. (not very different from exiting one)

    give a example, Now the color of the template on my site is brown. Can I change the color of the site to a lighter one?

  • Changing your colors will not affect your SEO, but there are two cases if you would like to use a new pre-built website.

    First, you reset your database, all of your current content is gone, and you will have to create your website from scratch.

    Second, you do not reset the database. All theme options are set based on the pre-built website you imported, all your old pages stay untouched, but the pages from the demo are there as well. It will look like this:

    You can create a subdomain with a copy of your current website and test it on your own.

    Best regards

  • How can change my theme color ? for example from brown to white?

  • You can manage the colors in Betheme -> Theme options -> Colors.

    Some of the colors can also be set in the item, section, and wrap options, like text or background color.


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