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Visual editor block not switching to plain text in the new muffin

On the client's site, there are several blocks of the visual editor with a complex layout inside and the ability to quickly correct content for the manager. Now it has become impossible for developers to correct the layout. When you click on the Text tab, an additional panel appears above the editor, but the editor itself remains unchanged. So, you can't see the source HTML code in the block. Everything worked fine before the update.

Also, the module now gives an error in the Firefox console when loading the page:

Uncaught TypeError: is null
    load /wp-content/themes/betheme/functions/builder/assets/builder.js?ver=23.0.2:3389

    setTimeout handler*load /wp-content/themes/betheme/functions/builder/assets/builder.js?ver=23.0.2:3380

    <anonymous> /wp-content/themes/betheme/functions/builder/assets/builder.js?ver=23.0.2:3526

    jQuery 9

    <anonymous> /wp-content/themes/betheme/muffin-options/js/options.js?ver=23.0.2:604

    <anonymous> /wp-content/themes/betheme/muffin-options/js/options.js?ver=23.0.2:608


Does anyone here have these issues too?

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