Logo position on mobile

Hi there,

I´m working on this site (http://kp.isar3.de – PW: Clemens1) and have a problem with the logo position on mobile:

I´ve set the mobile header to be "minimal" and "menu right / logo left" (https://prnt.sc/14qgt4b).

With this setting I get the following result:

# the logo is not centered verticaly

# the logo is not aligned with the content left (whereas the menu on the right is): https://prnt.sc/14qhi88

Turning of the "minimal" setting, I get a better vertical alignement (5px more upwards would be better) but the logo is centered and not aligned left anymore... https://prnt.sc/14qigmv

Ist there a way of getting both done? What am I doing wrong?

Would appreciate a good hint here.

Many thanks and best regards,


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