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Page Editor Layout and Front-end view is not the same.

I am working on one of the BeTheme templates, using Elemnetor as my page editor. The theme I am using is Elementor compatible, however the page layout I have in Elementor and the front-end view is not the same.

I see that my PHP Max Input Vars is set at max to 3500 but the system is saying "Minimum 5000 is required" can this is be the problem?

These are also set to the max the server will allow.... can this be the problem? or am I doing something wrong?

  • PHP Memory Limit 128 MB Current memory limit is OK, however, 256 MB is recommended.
  • PHP Time Limit 90 Current time limit is OK, however, 180 is recommended.

Elementor view...

Front-end veiw

How it looks on the front-end.

TIA for your help.

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