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Showing items when no categories have been picked

Hey there,

the facts are as follows

Handwerkszeug = portfolio page within betheme options

Portfolio element in backend of "handwerkszeug" has been removed (reason explained later)

What I want:

When selecting the page:

I want there to be the icons for category selection and an overview of the items

if I didnt remove the portfolio element the following would happen:

  • the icons for category selection show (that is fine - I installed that)
  • and a list of items would show underneath (fine again)

but.... what happens if I click on one of the icons for category selection:

  • the selection I just made shows and
  • additionally the portfolio

So basically there are two portfolios on top of each other.

I am guessing that the portfolio element is necesssary in the backend for being able to display all portfolio items before making a category selection.

But how do I make sure there arent two portfolios when selecting via the icons.

for the purpose of testing it:

  • I will install the portfolio element in the backend again so you can check what happens.

This is the page:

I include pictures of the view when portfolio is not in the backend:

no category selected

category selected

thanks in advance!


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bedava hesaplar nulled scripts mod apk indir youtube mp3 dönüştürücü