passive listeners

How to Fix “Does not use passive listeners to improve scrolling performance ” Google PageSpeed

I tried a few examples that I found on the Internet, some of them are just javascript, others are PHP (here is one of them

none of them solved the problem.

Мost of them involve disabling "comment-replay" but that breaks my site. Any suggestion on how to solve the problem.


  • Hi,

    According to Google PageSpeed Insights and tools similar to it, any WordPress theme cannot be fully prepared because their guidelines are stringent. Sometimes we need to do some workarounds and compromise so all functions will work on our massive theme, and Google PageSpeed considers them an issue.

    Mainly plain HTML pages are suitable for these guidelines. If you want to increase your website performance, check the following link. There you will find instructions about how to improve the loading time for your website.

    Following the tips mentioned in this guide should make your website faster.


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