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Cannot organize blog post display

Hello! I can't organize my blog post with transparent menu.

  • The name of the post is way bigger than I'd like
  • It is displayed under the menu
  • Feature image is also too big

Please help!


  • EDIT


    • H2 titles in the middle of the text is too big too - can I make them smaller without changing the properties for the whole website and losing the arrangement of titles in pages other than posts/blog/news?
  • Hello,

    1) You can reduce the size of the post title in Betheme -> Theme options -> Header & Subheader -> Subheader, and changing the title tag.

    2) In the same place as in point 1), add some top padding.

    3) To change the size of the images used in portfolio/blog, please navigate to theme options -> blog, portfolio & shop -> featured image.


    Remember to use thumbnail regeneration after you make your changes. Otherwise, the images will not change their size.

    4) You can change the H2 size for all your posts with a custom CSS code. You need to place in Betheme -> Theme options -> Custom CSS & JS -> CSS. Do you need help with writing it?


  • Thank you for all answers. If you can help me with the code providing some example or pointing me in the direction of one (I have not found it in the forum), I would highly appreciate it.

  • When you use the following code, it will change all H2 tags on your posts.

    .single-post h2{
       font-size: 40px!important;


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