Some php errors detected

I have found some php errors which seem to be originating from BeTheme.



  • Hello,

    Can you tell me what version of PHP, WP, and Betheme do you have?

    Are you using a child theme?

    With what tool did you check these errors?

    Best regards

  • edited July 2021


    PHP version: 7.4.16

    WP version: 5.7.2

    Betheme version: 23.0.4

    Using the Betheme Child Theme

    Tool used: Query Monitor

    Kind regards

  • Sorry, but we did not test this plugin with the theme. Our policy states that we do not support third-party plugins or custom code. It probably has some restrictions that consider these lines as an issue.

    It is nothing to worry about. But if you notice that it affect your website somehow, please, let me know.


  • The tool used, Query Monitor, only detects these things, yeah maybe some sort of false positive.

    Just wanted to let you know, not worried here. :-)

  • Thanks for being aware. We appreciate it. 🙂

    If is there anything I could help you with, please, let me know.


  • Will do and thank you too!

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