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Separate Category Woocommerce Page

Hi Guys

I am trying to seperate some of my categories that is showing on my shop page. I managed to come across a code snippet which when I add it, it hides the category from my shop page but then also hides it from the actual drop down page. So when I go onto the dropdown it tells me those products do not exist. After asking for advice on Wordpress forum they suggested I use the code to hide the categories and then build the category products out separately on pages, and link it to drop down menu's. So I am now in the process of doing this with Elementor Pro but I am running into an issue whereby my Elementor product page does not look the same as my shop page. With Elementor Pro I have to add a 'add to cart' button and with the theme in the shop page its different. In the shop page when I hover over the photo the photo fades out and a add to cart icon appears. Is there another way of doing this so that my separated products page looks the same as the theme shop page?

Many Thanks


  • Hello,

    Sorry, but we do not provide support for third-party codes (snippets), we do not help with the theme code customization or extending it.

    But, with today update (25) we provided the WooBuilder where you can build the category pages as you want, you can even exclude single category from the template (I'm think you are asking about it, right?)

    Take a look at this topic:


  • Hi

    1. I understand about the support for snippets no problem. With the version 25 update - Will I be able to create custom pages with and have only a specific category's products displayed on my shop page while having different categories products displayed on different drop down menu's?
    2. I updated my website today to the latest theme (version 25) for the woo updates along with the elementor updates, but now some of my sections in elementor does not want to work? Like for instance I can open up my testimonial section and the elementor widget area opens up but I can't edit it anymore. Is this an Elementor issue?
  • 1) You can create different templates for products categories, of course.

    You can insert whatever you want into the dropdown menu (of main menu), but you have to know, that they won't be dynamic (their content can be changed only between the pages)

    2) Can you explain it greater? With some screenshots if possible?

    Also, can you send us a link to your website?


    1. Cool got you, thanks!
    2. My elementor widget section opens up but then when I try to edit a section like the one highlighted, the following happens. It was working perfectly fine up until I updated elementor along with the theme and now this. Link to my website

  • Please update the theme to the latest version, it will be in minutes, the problem should be solved.

    If no, please tell me, we'll take further investigation by your dashboard.


  • Hi, I updated and still the same issue.

  • Hey,

    Please send us WordPress dashboard access privately thru the contact form, which is on the right side at, and we will check what might be the reason.


    Please attach a link to this forum discussion.


  • Hi Pablo Thank you, I managed to sort it out by restoring the backup and running the updates again.

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