How to have clients display in the same size?

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I got to display the clients, but the logo they provide aren't the same sizes. How to get them displayed and resized to say in the same box like here:


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    At first all logos must have similar size and then you must add them into "Clients" section in main wp dashboard. Then use "Clients" or "Clients slider" item and put into page. Nothing else just can`t be done in this case and this is all we can suggest.
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    Thank you for reply.
    As you can see, it's a bit messy:
    The logos won't have the same sizes as some are landscape and others are portrait. How to force resize so to have it display in the same size box aligned middle? And even cooler in a masonry style that they will fit arrange near each other.
  • The only possible solution we can give you is below:
    ul.clients li .client_wrapper a { height:150px; line-height:150px; display:block; }
    ul.clients li .client_wrapper a img { display: inline-block; vertical-align: middle; }
    But there is nothing else what we can give you to make it look better with your current logos.
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    Ha, you made me sweat at first! Before I pasted the code above, I just thought hrrm maybe just sth not right or sth I just had to live with!!! But man, that doesn't make it better, but it's the best and perfect display I have longed for!!!
    What's else making better than this?! Thank you a lot.
  • We're glad to hear that ;) This is honestly the best thing we were able to do with your logos. We're glad you like it!
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