How To Setup Youtube Upload API

When in the theme customizer you have the option to setup youtube uploads for videos.

I have created a Google Application and authorized YouTube's 3.0 API and acquired the key etc.

How do you direct the uploads to a specific YouTube Page/Account that you own? There doesn't seem to be any customization there. I do not want to upload directly to my personal YouTube/Gmail account as it is not the Business Page for which I am trying to upload videos to.

Since there is no user account specifically for a page I don't see this being possible.

Also, there is no documentation anywhere regarding how to setup the Google/YouTube API so I do not know if I even did that part correctly, but I came out with an API Key.

Also, where do I upload these videos? I see that it allows you to customize the text displayed, but I don't know where this text would even be. Where is this video upload service?


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