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sidebar on blog site but not actually blog posts

I'm wondering where I can find and edit the template of my blog posts. I edited the template for the blog page and I thought as child objects the posts would inherit this template. But as you can see my actual blog post does not contain my sidebar(no inheritance). Is there a blog posts template that exists to edit all the blog posts? Or get them to inherit from the blog posts page?

Also, not just the sidebar but if I wanted to add a default section specific to all blog posts would this be possible?


  • Hello,

    If you want the posts to have the same sidebar as the blog page, you can set it in Betheme -> Theme options -> Sidebars, in the Single posts section.

    But if you would like to have a section for all posts, you need to create a template and manually add it to your posts.


  • Ok I was able to get the sidebar using the global option.

    I'm still not able to set up the page template. I created a new page template "Blog Posts"

    The first issue I'm having is I'm specifying a slider but it is not appearing(these sliders work fine on my other pages)

    It also isn't showing up on the page itself - https://velocitytech.org/template-item/blog-posts/

    The next issue is when I open one of my blog posts and try to switch to this template I do not see it in the list.

    Am I doing something wrong here?

  • The templates you create you need to put through the Muffin builder on your posts.

    However, you need to choose the slider by hand in the posts options.


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