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Serious problems with Woocommerce after

Hi, I had serious problems problems after updating to (in 2 web sites)

1) After clicking on "Add to card" on the product page, the web page breaks and I can't scroll any more (on desktop PCs and cell phones). This before updating Betheme did not happen. Example: (scroll, click on "Add to card" and try again to scroll)

The same happens by clicking on "Add to card" from the main page of the store:

2) When the cart is empty, the page shows "Your cart is currently empty." but my page is configured in Spanish, so the text should be in Spanish.

3) On the shopping cart page, when it contains products, the text "Price" and "Total" and the amount in $ are shown in blue, when they should be in black: https: //www.viajedecristales.

4) When clicking on the shopping cart page (with products added) on "Cambiar dirección" and activating the Woocommerce ship calculator, the form goes out of the frame (the problem happend on desktop PCs and cell phones)

5) On the main page of the store, the buttons to add to cart or visit a product are no longer visible with a brown background, and "the cart" and "link" icons are shown in blue color

6) On the product page, you can see the Description tab even when it is empty (in previous versions of Betheme this did not happen)

7) On this page The user icon in the header (close to cart icon) changes when are log in. I chose the icon "icon-user" but if I log in it is replaced by the default icon, and I need it not to change.

I'm quite worried, I'm waiting for an answer, thank you!u.

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