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AJAX add to cart not working with (official) Product Bundles plugin?


we use Product Bundles plugin ( on our site and i am 99% certain that it has worked fine before, the site, including betheme is online for years now.

This week i wanted to roll out product bundles to some other products and suddenly found out that it was not working anymore. After debugging around for hours it seems that the AJAX add to cart is the problem, if i disable it, the bundles work. It behaves funny: It seems to work, but the AJAX call returns an empty cart (i can see it in dev tools because it even returns the text "the cart is empty").

I tried reaching out to wooCommerce and they answered this:

We have seen several issues in the past on sites using AJAX Add to cart buttons on single product pages. By default, WooCommerce supports AJAX functionality for Add to Cart buttons in Shop Archives.

Making AJAX-enabled add-to-cart buttons work correctly in single-product pages requires a bit more work -- most themes that use AJAX Add to Cart buttons fail to post all form contents when these buttons are clicked.

The best way to proceed with this is to get in touch with your theme authors.

Their answer seems in line with what i found out, can you check this and hopefully help without me needing to just turn off the nice AJAX functionality?

Thanks :)


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bedava hesaplar nulled scripts mod apk indir youtube mp3 dönüştürücü