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Theme Options

Hi BeTeam,

My install of BeTheme on looses all its theme options randomly and resets itself back to the default install. This has happened a few times lately (4 at latest count over a period of about a month) without warning. I also can't import my saved settings file. I cut and paste it, select import and nothing happens. The result is that I have to redo all my settings again, save and all is good until it happens again. Could you please offer me some advice as to why this is happening all of a sudden. I have no real issues with the BeTheme since its first install back in 2014.

Regards Bob


  • Hello,

    Are you using any unsupported plugins? Maybe one of them causes this problem.

    Please, turn off all of the plugins, clear your cache, and check if the problem persists.

    Moreover, if you are using a child theme, switch to parent, and recheck it.

    Also, we cannot recommend any plugins other than the ones we support. You can find the list of supported plugins in the sidebar:

    And in Betheme -> Install plugins.


  • Thanks for the suggestions, however they have not solved the problem, nor have they given me any direction as to where to look for a solution. Its still happening randomly. I have turned every plugin off including "supported" ones, have reinstalled (FTP) a fresh copy of BeTheme. Have cleared the cache and it still is resetting itself back to default. And again using the backup file to reinstall my settings has no effect at all. This is beyond frustrating and I need a solution please. Something more than a cut and copy response.

    Regards Bob.

  • I needed for you to check if the problem does not lay on your plugin's side because no one has had a similar situation to yours lately.

    Can you send me your file, so I could check it on my environment, please?

    Did you use this file before? Was it working?


  • Attached is my backup file.

    However, this does not address why my install of BeTheme is reverting back to default randomly. I have been using the same plugins for years without issue and they are necessary for my business to run. I have not had any issues with the BeTheme until the recent updates going to v25. Whatever has changed seems to have broken my site.

  • There was a sign that prevented your theme options to import.

    Under the following link, you will find the corrected import file.

    About the random theme options reset, please send us WordPress dashboard access privately thru the contact form, which is on the right side at, and we will check what might be the reason.


    Please attach a link to this forum discussion.

    Would you please tell me because I need to ensure you did not change anything when the theme options reset? Or maybe you noticed anything unusual except that.


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