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New version of Betheme causing problems on our site

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I'm on version I attempted to upgrade to The upgrade went through fine, but some problems emerged:

  1. We have our site set up so that once someone adds something to their cart, it immediately goes to the shopping cart page. This stopped working, even through that option was still checked in the WooCommerce settings, so all of our users immediately got confused and weren't able to checkout.
  2. The layout of our cart pages suddenly changed and the text got squeezed into thin columns and looked bad and I couldn't find a way to modify the margins. Pictures attached of the difference.
  3. The shopping cart total suddenly started showing up in the site header, as well as an account icon that had never been there before. I couldn't find a way of removing those items without also removing the Action button, which we would like to keep.

I'm just going to stay on the old version, but in the meantime, can you let me know how to fix the above items and I will be ready when I DO upgrade.

Maybe I can stay on forever? Because we kind of liked it how it was and can't figure out why you changed our site. The changes caused me to have to pay for support, so here I am. Thanks for any help! Reeb


  • Hello,

    In the meantime, there was another update, and the newest version is 25.1.3.

    I recommend you create a copy of your website on the subdomain, update the theme there, and check if all these problems persist.

    You can register unlimited subdomains with one license key, as long as the main domain is registered under the same key.

    This also applies to subfolders on localhost installations.

    For creating a copy, I suggest using the Duplicator plugin.

    If these problems remain, please, send a link to this copy so that I can check it out.


  • Thanks, Phil. I will give it a shot. The big problem was that it didn't redirect to the shopping cart page immediately after adding an item, so some our users were very confused and couldn't figure out how to find the checkout page; we use the woocommerce portion of our website more for event payment and registration than for buying actual products.

    I will attempt to create a copy of the website and do a test upgrade and see what happens.

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    Then I am waiting for your reply if the update helped.


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