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company name in top action menu

I would like to have "infamous Wheel Company" in the top left in the top action menu on pc and have it show at the very top and centered in the action menu when viewed on mobile. would like the text bold and filling the bar height on pc and while in color. on mobile something appropriate.

not sure how to add this here and have it hold alignment left above the logo on pc and centered top on mobile above the other action menu items.


  • Hello,

    Please, got to Betheme -> Theme options -> Menu & Action Bar -> Action Bar, and there you will be able to add your text.

    If you want to make it bold, put it between the <b> tag.


  • That works, however it does not accept markup or short codes. I need to make that text a heading H1 and white in color. right now it's red and thin and if I enter markup it just displays the markup

  • nevermind, I used some custom css to edit that item. so I have it looking how I want it to now.

  • That is great that you handled it.

    Can I help you with anything else?


  • I have a separate thread going about the mobile view to get the action bar showing, however I truly just wanted the "slogan" showing on the gray action bar background on mobile. so I have a question about what css would be required to show that. but I'll let you field that in the other thread.

    thanks for your help with this one.

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