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Having layout issues with Gravity Forms

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I am a developer for an agency that builds websites for our clients using WordPress. We were very excited to try your theme, however are having issues with integrating gravity forms, which we rely on quite a bit.

I have a simple gravity form with no special styling. Just a name field, and a message field, with antispam honey pot.

I am aware you are not gravity forms support, but I am asking here because I don't believe this to be a gravity forms issue. The form as is works on vanilla WordPress, and with other themes we use.

We have 2 issues:

  1. The form only fills half a column in the muffin builder and on the page.
  2. The hidden antispam honey pot is visible in the builder and on the page.

It's worth nothing that issue 1 happens even if we disable the antispam honey pot (which we would not want to do anyway).

Are you aware of any way to fix these issues?

Are there special styles or settings we need to use with your theme?

Screen shots for reference:

What should happen is first and last name should be next to each other and message should be full screen

Shown here (email in screen shot 1 and comments on image 2) is the antispam honeypot which should be hidden.

Here is the issue in the builder

Here is the issue on the page

Thank you,



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