company logo showing in text message when website link entered in message

this is an interesting one, but when a text message with in it is sent the text message generates a company logo for the link and displays it. (in this case on android). it shows an older version logo with blue accents. the new logo is red.

if you google infamous company you will see the google business card has the new red logo. in all my seo settings and all locations on the site including the favicon it's the new red logo.

I have seo off for the theme, and yoast seo is setting the logo for me (which is also the read logo).

I'm wondering if I'm missing a location where the icon is being pulled from, or if (in your opinion) there is another source, perhaps where the logo is pulled from.

I was also pondering the idea of it maybe just being a google cache...but the business card does show the right logo. I'm just not clear on where these text message generated icons pull from so I'm unclear on where to be poking around


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