licenses for two sites


I am no longer getting updates on wordpress dashboard. I have two licenses for two sites.

 The worpdress panel is properly registered. What to do?


  • Hello,

    Can you explain in more detail what is happening, please?

    You do not see the update button in Betheme -> Dashboard?

    Please, check the following link about the theme update:

    If there are any error messages, please, attach screenshots of them.


  • Thank you for the answer!

    I do see the update button, but I'm no longer receiving the update notifications as I used to receive within the wordpress panel. How if I didn't have a license. I use only one license for each site. On both sites this is happening. The only way I can update the theme is to download the file from Envato, but that's unpleasant. I do not know what happened.

  • Please, try to deactivate and activate our theme, and check if the update appears.

    The second thing you can try is to reinstall your WordPress on these websites.

    Sometimes request to the server to check the version is not working correctly, and these tips should resolve your issue.


  • Hello,

    the first two tries i made but nothing happened.

    Last try I didn't understand? "Sometimes a request to the server to check the version is not working correctly, and these tips should resolve your issue."

  • It was just explaining why you probably do not see the update in your dashboard. Let say your website sends a request to the server to get information if there is a new update.

    Please send us WordPress dashboard access and your license key privately thru the contact form, which is on the right side at and we will check what might be the reason.


    Please attach a link to this forum discussion.


  • Hello,

    I'm normally receiving all updates of plugins and native wordpress themes, as well as receiving wordpress updates that my server offers.

    Note: Before, I received updates of Theme Bethme.

    I would not like to provide access to the wordpress admin panel of my two sites due to my clients' privacy. I would like to see another way to resolve it, that I could do this.

  • If you have done the steps I have suggested to you, and your theme is registered, I cannot do anything without dashboard access.

    I need to take a look closer look at it and do some tests to see what might be the reason.

    Sorry, but at this moment my hands are tied.


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