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Wierd behaviour of Wpbakery editors

I have several problems with WPBAKERY, Foreground and Background editors not behaving correctly. This has been happening for some time (more than 6 months) and through several plug-in updates.

1) The foreground editor hangs when trying to add/modify an element. This can be worked around by de-activating a plug-in "All In One Addons for WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer)". However, that is needed to display some other formatting in sidebars.

2) When editing with the background editor (multi-lingual site, WPML), the column image background is not displayed on the alternative language post, although a mini-image (circle) is shown in the editor column "icon". However, opening the foreground editor it shows correctly. Saving with the foreground editor and opening with the background editor works OK - however, any modification within the background editor and it fails to show again.

3) A link to a (French) page does not go to the page defined in the editor (url: site/d-report-fr/?lang=fr) but to the English page (url: site/d-report). When editing the link, the "search" feature will not display the French page, only the English page. The Classic editor in "text" mode shows the correct link, and the linked-to page exists and can be accessed.

What is going wrong and how do I fix it - it's driving me nuts!!

System config: Wordpress 5.8.2, Betheme 25.1.4, , WpBakery 6.7.0, WPML 4.3.6


  • Hello,

    1) Sorry, but we did not test this plugin with the theme. Our policy states that we do not support third-party plugins or custom code, so, unfortunately, we cannot help you.

    Also, we cannot recommend any plugins other than the ones we support. You can find the list on this page, in the sidebar:

    In that case, you should contact the plugin author.

    2, 3) Please always attach a link to your website so we can check it out. If the page is offline(localhost), then our help will be limited. You will have to contact us when the page is online. Also, please make sure that the page is not under maintenance before you provide us with the link.

    It is always a good idea to also attach screenshots showing your issue.


  • Thanks for your reply.

    I didn't give the site address because the problems are all linked to the editing process, so they can't be observed by visiting the site, and the site has restricted access to members only, so you can't see the faulty page. However, here it is

    I can't really supply an image as it's part of the editing process, but I'll see if I can come up with something.

    We are not professional developers and we are using the system as delivered to us - we did not choose the plug-ins, nor did we create the site using "non-approved" plug-ins. Much as we would like to remove the offending "add-ons" plug-in, we will have to find all uses of it and replace it with something else, so its not really an option for us.

    In the meantime, I have tried to change the theme (from Betheme Child) to Betheme, to Twenty-Twenty and Twenty-Twenty-One. The problems persist.

    I can create a staging copy and give you admin access to that - would that help?

    many thanks

    Vic Day,

    Web Admin

  • Here's some images, they concern point 3) wrong link behaviour.

    The first is a screen part of an "English" page containing the link for the user to click on.

    The second is what is displayed when hovering over the link (it refers to a page /deloitte_report). Clicking the link takes the user to the that "hovered" link.

    The third image is what is contained in the message box editor (it contains a link to a page deloitte_report-fr/lang=fr)

    The fourth image is the classic editor, in text view, showing the link (highlighted in yellow). This too is the page deloitte_report-fr/?lang=fr.

    To summarise: a valid link to a "French" page is defined in the Message box, and confirmed by the classic editor text view, but when the page is displayed, hovering over the link shows a different link ( to the English page, not the French page), and clicking on the link takes the user to a page that is not defined by the editor or visible in the Classic editor text view.

    I appreciate it is awkward to explain, but that's the best I can do.


    Vic Day

  • If your problems persist even with other themes, this means that the problem lies on the side of plugins.

    I recommend contacting the plugins authors and asking what might be the reason. Unfortunately, we are not creators of any of the plugins you mentioned, so our hands are tied.

    If I misunderstood you, and the problem appears only with a Betheme, please send us WordPress dashboard access to a staging copy privately thru the contact form, which is on the right side at and we will check what might be the reason.


    Please attach a link to this forum discussion.


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