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not working

Ive installed two different demos and none of them will install correectly they keep becoming broken like this and such fourth, any fix ?


  • Hi,

    Please, check the following video tutorial, and ensure that you do all steps correctly.

    Notice to have activated only required plugins for the desired demo and reset the database to wipe all content from your website.


  • is there anyway to use to use the elementor widgets from betheme on a preexisting site?

  • edited December 2021

    If you used Elementor on that site, you could use our widgets.

    But if you used another builder, it is not possible to edit its content with the Elementor.

    Moreover, remember that mixing two builders on one page is not recommended.


  • so i have elementor pro on my main site, ive installed this theme on a subdomain. ive got it installed i guess correctly, but i already have a site running and want to keep its content and stuff etc, on my main site, but id like to use some widgets from betheme, on that main site, how do install your theme and keep my current stuff or just install your widgets is this possioble?

  • Installing only widgets is not possible.

    However, if you do not reset the database while installing Betheme on the main site, you should not lose any content because it is stored in the database. But notice that features from the other theme you are currently using will not be accessible.

    Best regards

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bedava hesaplar nulled scripts mod apk indir youtube mp3 dönüştürücü