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Problem with updating plugins from Betheme version

Ever since I updated the version of Betheme I have a problem with updating the plugins. It seems that with this version of the Betheme, a setting was imposed that updating the theme and plugins no longer requires FTP connection information like a /(define ('FS_METHOD', 'direct');)/.

I don't use this method, so I have a problem with updating plugins.

This version of the theme is causing the problem.

For example, if I switch to another theme, TwentyTwenty, the plugin update works normally.


  • Hello,

    Sorry, but I quite do not understand. Can you describe what is happening in more detail, please?

    Is there any error message when you try to update the plugins?

    If yes, please, attach a screenshot showing it.


  • Message is: Update failed: Could not create directory. The same message if i use define ('FS_METHOD', 'direct');

    If disable Betheme and enable Wordpress Theme, update plugins going normaly.

  • It is a server configuration problem.

    In that case, please, contact your server administrator instead.


  • You probably don't understand me ...

    I have a few websites installed on the same VPS that have Betheme version 25.1.4. On these pages the plug-in update works normally.

    On websites where I have already updated Betheme to version, the plug-in update no longer works and reports an error. If I reinstall the older version of Betheme, e.g. 25.1.4, update works again.

    That means that the cause of the error is something in Bethema version

  • Please send us the WordPress dashboard and FTP access privately thru the contact form, which is on the right side at and we will check what might be the reason.


    Please attach a link to this forum discussion.


  • I will send WordPress dashboard and FTP access for two sites in staging status, both on same server:

    • one on version 25.1.4, where updating of plugin going normaly via FTP credentials (I have to type user&pass),
    • second on version, where updating of plugin not is possible (wordpress no longer requires FTP credentials, so report the error)

    I suggest that you update a plug-in e.g. Contact Form 7 on the older version, then upgrading Betheme and updating another plug-in e.g. Yoast Duplicate Post. You will see that in the first case the plug-in upgrade will go normally via FTP credentials, in the second case the system will no longer require FTP credentials and will report an error.


  • Well, as I see you are using the Child Theme, so the problem can be solved easier, because you have already configurated Child Theme.

    We, in the theme, use the 'direct' metod of the filesystem, but in your case it should be other, we do not know a lot about your server configuration, but you should surely use other method.

    Please, go to the Child Theme and add in the functions.php file one of the filesystem methods like: ssh2   ftpext   ftpsockets

    You can read more about the configuration from this topic, it's all listed there:


  • It is working now.


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