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Please, help with an issue of item of singe produckt page - product additional information.

It's set on "h3" and I would like to change it for "h4" or a "h5", because now it's too large for my needs - could you guide me on how to do it?

Moreover, please help on how to change the view of the fast preview of a single product? I would like to change the size of main product name (font size), add some short description and remove "add to card" button



  • Hello,

    1) Changing the Additional Information heading tag requires file modification, but we do not provide help with such customization. However, if you only want to decrease its font size, you can achieve that by writing custom CSS code. If you need help with CSS, please, let me know, but it would help if you attach a link to your website.

    2) You can place a short description for the preview of your product in the product edit.

    Removing add to cart, and changing the font size, also require custom CSS.


  • Hello again :)

    I sent email.

  • Please, put the following CSS codes in Betheme -> Theme options -> Custom CSS & JS -> CSS.


    .woocommerce.single-product .column_product_additional_information h3{
       font-size: 38px!important;


    .mfn-popup .mfn-product-add-to-cart{
       display: none!important;
    .mfn-popup .heading{
       font-size: 40px!important;


  • Thank You very much! You`re awsome!

  • I am glad that I could help.

    If you have any other questions or problems, feel free to ask.


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